It’s Time to Schedule Senior Portraits

Why It’s Best to Schedule Your Senior Portraits Early

Senior portraits in the golden hour

If you’re seeing a lot of information telling you it’s time to schedule Senior portraits, long before you graduate, you’re probably thinking it’s far too early – why bother now?

The reality is, it’s actually better to schedule your session sooner rather than later.

Here are a few reasons why…

Once School Starts, Everyone is Busy!

Let’s face it, your senior year is going to be your busiest yet. There’s a lot you probably want to do, and have to do. Once school starts, it’ll be a non-stop schedule of school work, school activities, filling out college applications, college visits, games to attend, friends to hang out with, etc.

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The yearbook deadline for the Senior section will come in October. If you wait until September you may end up just grabbing the first person you see with a camera and asking them to take your picture. Not a good plan! Plus, my schedule gets very busy in the Fall since I provide photography for several of our district schools’ sports programs. During July and early August is when I have the most flexibility for Senior sessions, so now is a great time to call and get scheduled!

Summer Offers the Most Flexibility

I know, it’s South Carolina in the Summertime. That means it’s probably going to be hot. But the lighting on a Summer evening ‘golden hour’ is hard to beat! But with hot Summer weather comes the always-present chance of rain and thunderstorms. Scheduling in the Summer before school starts allows for the need to reschedule because of uncooperative weather. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to find a date that works for everyone (you and the photographer/me). So my advice is to find some dates that work this Summer before school starts and get your session booked!

Senior portrait of girl in sunflower field

It’s a Pre-Celebration

Senior portrait of girl wearing Mickey Mouse ears jumping with glitter all around her.

Adding a touch of celebration is another reason to get your session scheduled before school starts. Getting your session done before school starts can help put you in that ‘Senior’ mindset. It can also be a reminder of who you are, what your passions are, and how far you have come. It’s a great motivator! Plus, taking your photos earlier means your face will be free from school and life stress, making your session more enjoyable. 

You Get the Photographer You Want (Me!)

Every year I start before school is out for the Summer, urging rising Seniors to get their sessions booked. Some listen, but most don’t. So a lot of my dates for Senior sessions go unbooked in June and July. Then August comes, school starts and the mad rush begins! I get many inquiries about Senior sessions for September and October dates. With a limited number of available dates, it’s inevitable that I’m unable to schedule everyone in time for yearbook deadlines. Now is a great time to book a Senior session for July or early August date. Get it done now and avoid the rush! Why stress about it later, when you can perfectly capture your senior year now? It’s time to schedule Senior portraits!

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