High School Senior Portraits: It’s What I Do

Because you can’t keep them from growing up, but you can keep this moment!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to check out my photography. If you’re looking for high school Senior portraits, then you’ve found the right place! As you look through the different areas I trust that you will see my commitment and passion for the work I create. Everyone has a story, and it’s my goal to capture the most unique and creative images possible to tell that story for each and every client.

To Mom & Dad

Where You Started

At first, it was all so overwhelming, especially if this was your first baby. In the first days and weeks after coming home from the hospital it seemed like an endless cycle of feeding, sleeping, not sleeping, crying (you and the baby!) and diaper changes. But soon you became all too aware of how fast time was passing. Your fussy infant soon became a zooming toddler with non-stop energy. And then you were standing in a classroom with other parents meeting the teacher on the first day of kindergarten. As you left the school building that day, you asked yourself where the time had gone.

Now, nearly 12 years later, that crazy toddler stands at the edge of adulthood, preparing to enter their final year of high school. And once again you’re asking yourself, how did it happen so fast? The daily routine of the elementary school car line, the pimples and braces, and the awkwardness of middle school…it’s all a distant, foggy memory against the jarring reality of knowing you only have One.More.Year.

Where You’re At Now

Now, standing here on the cusp of your child’s high school Senior year, you have a unique opportunity. You know the coming year is going to be filled with ‘lasts’, in the context of them living at home with you (last Summer, last first day of school, last sports season, last Holiday season at home…). You know these are moments you wish would never end. But a custom Senior portrait session with Rob Upton Photography will help you capture and preserve this moment. With a variety of sessions and an always-flexible attitude, I can craft a session that captures your Senior’s authentic uniqueness just as they are at this moment. It’s a chance to snatch them from time for just a moment and preserve the memories of all the things that make them so special.

To the Senior

At Rob Upton Photography, I want to help you answer the question, ‘Who are you?’ I want to learn about you, what makes you tick and ignites your passion, and work with you to create an experience and images that reflect who you are and who you want to be. 

ExperienceCreativity. Versatility. These are the hallmarks of my high school senior portrait photography services. Photography is my career. It has never been anything else. With more than three decades of experience as a working professional photographer, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. My sessions are so much more than just your typical yearbook senior portraits. I can create for you either in the studio or on location. I can make a studio out of just about any location. I can make it rain for you. I can make it snow for you. I can make sunshine on a cloudy day for you. In short, if you can think it or imagine it, I can help you create it, capture it, and put it on display. And I’m ready to do it!

So take some time, look around, then contact me so we can get started in capturing your completely unique story!

Have a great day!


Rob is wonderful! I have worked with Rob through both of my girls’ high school experiences. He’s professional, kind, and overall just a lot of fun to work with! He has lots of fun and unique ideas and a real eye for lighting – I have always loved the mood he captures. Rob is incredibly talented, I highly recommend him for your photos! –Joelle Pidhayny, Fort Mill

Rob is super talented. I started working with him at Nation Ford and Catawba Ridge and he captures each person’s personality in the most unique way!! He worked with Hannah her senior year and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!! He listens to your visions and makes them come to life!! He will also capture Jackson’s senior year! You won’t be disappointed.- Kim Robbins, Fort Mill

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