Yearbook Photos vs Senior Portraits: What You Should Know

If you’re thinking that booking a senior portrait session will be the same as having yearbook photos taken, think again. There are some key differences to be aware of when thinking considering your yearbook photos vs Senior portraits.

Difference 1: The Choices

With yearbook photos, the photographer takes a few formal photos and then maybe a few casual photos outside. All your classmates will get the same options and experience. So your photos will look like everyone else’s. When you schedule senior portraits with me, your session will be customized to your interests and ideas. We’ll work together to choose just the right locations. You’ll be able to arrange 3-5 different outfits to fit different locations. Your session can be focused on your sport or favorite pastime. It can be a session designed around one specific location. The options are wide open for you. This means you’ll have a wider variety of images from which to choose. This is one important difference between yearbook photos vs Senior portraits.

Difference 2: The Location

 Taking yearbook photos usually means you have to travel to a studio or a photographer comes to your school with a background. Then you might get to go outside for some photos around the school property. When you book a senior photo session with me, you actually get to choose locations that are more meaningful and fit in with your chosen theme. City, country, sports venues, arts districts, academic settings…these are all options available to you. Not to mention the wide variety of props and gear that you can include. There’s really no limit, except your imagination!

Difference 3: The Duration

The next difference is the length of the session. Your yearbook session will last about 30 minutes or so. They’ve got the entire class of your school to get through in just a few days on campus or a particular week or two in their studio. So it becomes a little like an assembly line where you spend a short time at a few different stations, then you’re out the door. My Senior sessions are fun, customized experiences tailored to you. Some include professional makeup services for your shoot. The locations, the outfits, the props you want to include, are all chosen to reflect who you are and how you want o be seen.  As a result, my senior portrait sessions take anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours. Sometimes I”ll even break it up into two sessions, if necessary.

Difference 4: The Poses

To keep yearbook photos simple, students are all asked to pose the same way – this also gives the yearbook a standard format. The photographers working for the yearbook company/studio often don’t have much experience so they are taught a specific setup and lighting formula so they achieve uniform results. And that’s a good system for insuring a consistent look in the yearbook. But it doesn’t do much for letting your personality and individuality shine through. With an #rupSeniors session, you have a lot more freedom and can have more fun in terms of how you pose. Be serious or be silly; smile big, grin, smirk, give me the side-eye; look away, look around. And get moving! In my sessions I like to get you moving to capture a sense of action. I’ll get you walking, sashaying, spinning, skipping-whatever it takes to put you at ease and get great images! I’ve worked with hundreds of Seniors so I have developed a lot of ways to bring out your best! 

Difference 5: The Experience

A senior photo session is meant to be memorable. This is your chance to let your personality shine through and to showcase your interests and passion. You also get to choose a photographer you feel comfortable with, which can make all the difference to your experience. My sessions include consultations ahead of the session to iron out a plan for your day. We’ll talk about what you’d like to see, the the locations where you’d like go, the outfits you’re planning. If you don’t have many ideas, I can help you with some suggestions. Some of my sessions include professional makeup. I’ll set up the appointment for you and even be there to get behind-the-scenes photos and videos of you and the make-up artist. I do everything I can make your session a highlight of your Senior year experience!

Difference 6: The End Result

Your yearbook photo will end up (surprise!) in the yearbook, which you may or may to choose to buy. No doubt your Senior yearbook is an important memento to have. It’s a record of your year, and everyone else’s, too  Your Senior portrait session with me is all about YOU! And once we have all those beautiful photos you and your family will have an abundance of options for how to preserve, display and share them. From wall art, albums (a very popular item), prints and sharable digital files, I have something to fit your situation. So if you’re ready to book an #rupSeniors Senior session, then click the button below and visit my website for all the info on my sessions. You can also call or email at:

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Custom albums are a popular item, as are canvas gallery wrap wall portraits.

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