Finding Ideal Places for Senior Portraits Sessions

There are a number of decisions you need to make when planning a senior photo session and choosing a location is one of them. You can’t choose just any location either – it needs to fit in with your personality and the style of your shoot. Here are seven tips for finding ideal places for senior portraits sessions.

Decide what you want your photos to say about you

Who are you? Do you love the outdoors, art, or sports? Are you a bit of a flower child? By jotting down the things you love, a few location ideas should spring to mind. Your photos need to showcase your personal style, so choose your location accordingly.

Kingsley Town Center is an ideal place for senior portraits

Look for locations with different features.

To ensure your photographer can capture a variety of photos, look for a location with different spots and features. Examples of features include fences, trees, a swing, water or anything that could act as a backdrop.

Camp North End is an ideal place for senior portraits

Find out about possible restrictions

If you’re considering using a commercial location, find out whether you need permission to take photos. Some places are social event venues that may require a fee for photography sessions. If it’s a place that is often used as a venue for weddings, then you’ll want to check to make sure it’s available if you want to schedule on a weekend.

The Ivy Place is an ideal place for senior portraits
The Ivy Place is a private event venue that charges fees for photography sessions.

Consider Timing

Some locations are busier than others and if you want to avoid crowds of people, you will need to time your shoot well. It’s better to have as few people in the background of your photos as possible.

Sunflowers at Draper Wildlife Management Area is an ideal place for senior portraits

Lighting Matters

Natural light is a must for photos, including your senior portraits. You could have the best background, but if the lighting is bad, you won’t get the best results. It’s also important to remember that you might need to time your shoot around the best lighting. That usually means starting your session in the late afternoon or early evening. Some of my favorite places have the most amazing ‘golden hour’ light (that golden sunlight in the last hour or so before sunset.

Golden hour sun light is ideal for senior portraits

Decide what you want to wear

The outfits you choose for your senior photo session can help you in finding ideal places for your senior portraits. Your outfit should also match your personality, so decide on this before you start looking at locations. I can help with my ‘What to Wear’ guides for girls and guys.

senior portrait outfits for girls

There are no set rules when it comes to choosing a location for your photo session. Get creative, think outside the box, and choose a location that suits you. Ask around about interesting venues, take a drive through your city, or turn to Pinterest for some inspiration.

Get Creative

Uptown Charlotte is an ideal place for senior portraits
Sometimes all you need is an empty bike rack to make a fun and creative Senior portrait.

If you’re still a little unsure of where to go for your session, you can pick up my exclusive Locations guide for some great tips on some of my favorite spots. Just fill out the pop-up form (if you missed it when this page loaded, try reloading or going to another page on the website) or email me a request for one.

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