Lavender and Hippies

Boho Styled Photo Shoot with the #rupseniors 2023 Influencers

boho hippie clothes
#rupSeniors 2023 Influencer in their Hippie Hangout

Groovy Baby, Yeah!

It was lavender and hippies for the first themed photo shoot with my#rupseniors 2023 Senior Influencer crew (minus 1), and it was groovy, baby!

boho hippie clothes and lavender fields

Hippie Chic Back in Style

Fashion styles of the 1970s are popular again, so we decided to go all-in with the Hippie look, complete with cool shades, flower crowns and a flowy hippie hangout. I partnered with the Dallas Lavender LaneFarm in Dallas, NC for the location of our lavender and hippies shoot. We were able to put up the hangout in a shady spot under some trees, which was great because the mid-afternoon temperature was hovering around 100 degrees! We were able to shoot among the blooming lavender fields, hang out with the baby goats and drink cold, refreshing lavender slushies. Everyone had a great time, even in the extreme heat. Plus we were able to make some super-fun photos and great memories! We got new images for our own social media posts. I also shared them with the lavender farm to help promote its annual HippieFest event, which took place in late June.

Senior Influencers Team: What’s It All About?

So what is the ‘Senior Influencers’ team, you ask? Each year I sign up students from the upcoming Senior class to ‘influence’ for me throughout their Senior year. The team’s objective is to help me spread the word to friends and classmates about my Senior portrait services.

Boho hippie clothes

We accomplish this by working together throughout their Senior year on various themed group shoots, and cross-marketing collaborations with other local businesses and venues to create a fun and memorable experience for them. Included in their time as one of my influencers is their own Senior portrait session(s). I do my best to capture them individually in whatever settings, styles and activities that define who they are and how they want to present themselves to the world. All of these together provide them with lots of content to use for posts on their social media platforms to help them build their own personal brands and influence. Of course, part of influencing is moving their friends to action to schedule a Senior portrait session with me. When that happens, influencers earn referral credits (cash!). Tied to referral credits is a contest, with the winner (the person with the most referral credits during the contest period) winning a Spring Break trip to Destin, FL.

boho hippie clothes

Future Influencers

If you have a 2024 or 2025 class member who might be interested in my Senior Influencer team, just reach out and I’ll share more info about what I’m doing now to build those teams. I’m already thinking ahead to those teams and starting to add members. If you have a 2023 Senior then now is the time to get them scheduled for a Senior portrait session! Click here to get all the current session info.

lavender fields and hippie dresses
Lavender fields and hippie dresses

Our lavender farm hippie fest was tons of fun. Everyone handled the heat like champs (except maybe me…I was getting a little dizzy there for a while!). And we got a lot of great photos. Next up for the team is the start of their Senior portrait sessions. I’ve begun scheduling and photographing the sports-related sessions for those that participate on school teams. My calendar is also starting to fill up with regular Senior sessions, so don’t wait to get yours scheduled now.

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